Our youth ministry consists of grades 6-12.  Check out the awesome things our youth are doing!


These are the foundations for all we do in the youth ministry at Avoca.  Everything begins and ends with Jesus, without Him, nothing else matters.  Family has a dual meaning; the students family at home and their family that is the youth ministry.  We strive to create an environment the promotes unity among our students, a place to belong, to feel needed and cared for.  We also strive to see each student have a healthy home life.  We do that through teaching them their role in the home and being a resource for parents.  Lastly, it is our goal for all students to graduate the youth program with an idea of what their unique God given purpose is in this life.

Check out our guidebook to better understand the youth program and how it operates.

Experience Youth on...

Sundays during service

Wednesday night 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

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We all have questions!  This is a way for you to submit your questions annonymously, to our youth pastor. So feel free to ask anything you want!

Our youth group has its own governing body known as the Student Council.  This council is made up of a group of students 8th grade and above, each serving a role in our youth ministry.

Kendall - President

Riley - Vice President, Creative Design

Connor - Tech

Worship - Gabby

Prayer Team Lead - Reaghan

Visitor Team - Brynne and Sydney

Treasurer - Keeley