Here is How to Find Us

We offer a variety of opportunities for you to join us throughout the week as we focus on growing closer to Christ through fellowship and worship. We want to help you connect to Jesus, so our services are designed to bring you closer to Him.


Morning Worship:

10:45 A.M. This service has a modern feel, with relevant teaching from Scripture and Modern Worship. Our Kids experience worship and small groups at their age level.

 9:15 A.M. Same message, same music, smaller setting.


2417 Volunteer Parkway, Bristol, TN 37620


Sunday nights are designed  to advance everyone in knowledge of God's Word, this is done in 3 ways. 1) Simply learning what the Bible says, adults will dive into the morning message in a deeper way. With Student Ministry (6th-12th Grades) experiencing worship, teaching, small groups, and experiences to connect them to each other and to Jesus. Kids Ministry (birth-5th Grade) also continue to learn and have fun at their level. 2) We will pursue learning how to apply God's Word to our lives for the week. 3) We will help you to share what we learned  this week with people in your lives. 

Meeting Times: 

Kids: 6pm - 7pm

Students 6pm - 7:30pm

Adults 6pm - 7:00pm

Throughout the Week

One of our goals as Christians is to continue to grow in our faith and become disciples of Christ, seeking to follow Him in every way. Our Small Groups meet throughout the week at various times to offer you the chance to get involved with a group that fits within your busy schedule. To get involved in one of these groups, we encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. We can get you connected to a group that fits you.