Our Vision

As a church, we have always loved God and loved people. That's what has gotten us to this point, and that’s the mission that is going to keep us moving in the right direction.

Our new vision plan for the next several years is driving us as we continue to grow the kingdom of God. We believe these are the things God is calling us to do as a church to lead our community into the presence of God.

Our Core Values

Matthew 28:18-19, Go make disciples

Unconditional love for God and people, seeking the highest good

We believe the whole gospel

Exuberance for life

1 Corinthians 3:13, Everything we do, we give God our best

Our Strategic Vision

By 2020, We Will...

  • Be the go-to-church for all those seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Have a dynamic worship service that moves people to the feet of God
  • Have an interactive website with multiple functions
  • Have a flourishing kids and student ministry that is reaching our primary customer
  • Be out of debt
  • Have financial margin to hire staff and launch ministries
  • Have 2,000 committed followers filling three weekly services and impacting their communities with the love of Christ
  • The people of Avoca will know the church as a community that loves people through local mission, presence in schools and outreach events on campus
  • Have 100 baptisms a year
  • Have an online streaming version of the Sunday service
  • Have a seasoned Associate Minister
  • Two-thirds of attenders in small groups
  • Remodel buildings for growth

Our Growth Engines

Create a relevant Sunday morning experience
Quality music program, relevant messages, welcoming environment, well prepared, quality signage, relevant visual experience, well trained volunteers

Quality kids program
Exciting experience, consistent weekly program, quality age appropriate curriculum, trained and background-checked volunteers, clean and safe environment

Add key staff
Associate minister, worship leader, full-time kids, ministry of technology, young adult minister

Clear discipleship pathway
Easy on-ramps to small groups, consistent newcomers class, spiritual gifts discovery, informational materials for newcomers, leadership development plan, disciple makers

Our Action Initiatives

Succession Plan
Develop a time frame, write a job description, salary range, identify candidates, conduct interviews

Revamp Worship
Identify candidate, research other models, write a job description for worship leader, revamp video presentation, develop a worship guide

Quality Kids Program
Research other models, research curriculum, identify expectations, write a job description, identify possible candidates

Research and identify a new website platform, enhance social media, identify a social media champion, develop a plan for new signage, develop a style guide

Discipleship Pathway
Identify next steps for new believer to disciple maker, identify the steps for new attenders, identify curriculum, recruit teachers