Here's What to Expect on Sunday

If you are new to Avoca Christian or considering joining us for the first time, we have a simple request: relax! Whatever your circumstances, no matter where you've been or what you've done, you matter to God and you matter to us. At Avoca Christian, we focus on two things: loving God and loving people. It's that simple. And we hope that is evident for the first moment you walk in the door. Everyone needs a place to worship, to share and to serve the Lord.

If you're unsure what to expect when you visit, here's a few details for you.

Wear what you'd like

At Avoca, we want to focus on the inside and not the outside of a person. Although you may see some people in traditional Sunday dress, most people come dressed casually, modestly and comfortably.

Meet a greeter

We want you to feel totally welcome when you arrive. As you enter the main lobby of our church, you will find an Information Center. There you will find a greeter to welcome you and show you where  to go.


Enjoy worship

Our Sunday worship service starts each Sunday at 10:45 a.m. with a modern feel. We also offer children's programs throughout the worship service.